9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

Few months back I were to buy a phone for myself within a reasonable
price range, hence began the cell hunt. I have used cell phones from
different companies ranging from nokia to Motorola to Samsung to iphone
to blackberry to htc. Let me confess, I am super addicted to QWERTY
phones. So if you are looking for reasons to buy a QWERTY phone
(even if it’s considered old school these days), then you might consider the
following reasons to make you mind set for a QWERTY phone:
1. Solid typing experience
2. You hate virtual keyboard
3. Texting is much more fun on a keyboard
4. It’s like a mini-computer
5. It is much stronger than any iPhone
6. For people who don’t prefer super-expensive and flashy phones
7. It’s classy
8. For business people who can’t afford wasting time over pinpointing
each and every alphabet on virtual keyboards, its perfect!
9. They are called smart phone for a reason.


Here are some QWERTY phones with their key features that have top ratings according to the
consumer market:

1 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  •  Running Android 2.2 and new HTC Sense Overlay
  •  3.7” touchscreen
  • 5MP camera with flash and 720p HD recording capabilities


3 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

Some Key Features:

  • Running Symbian^3 Dual 8 MP and VGA Video
  • calling cameras
  • 4 inch capacitive touchscreen
  •  Presentation editing apps
  •  HDMI outport


4 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  • An optical trackpad for
  • navigation
  •  BBM (Blackberry Messenger)
  • and extensive email support


5 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  •  3.7” touchscreen
  • Android marketplace
  • Running Android 2.2
  • 5MP camera


6 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  •  Slideout keyboard
  • 3.2 inch touchscreen
  • 5 MP camera and HD recording
  • Integrated Facebook, Twitter and Youtube apps


7 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  • Cheap phone
  • Perfect for text addicts


8 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  • Perfectly pocket-able
  • Motonlur UI built in


9 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  • 2.6inch touchscreen
  • Can be used as mobile wifi hotspot


101 9 reasons to buy a ‘qwerty’ phone

  • Includes fully functional SuperNintendo emulators
  • One of the best QWERTY phone that I have used.

ArslanH is an Electrical Engineering student who has a keen interest in the latest gadgets and upcoming technologies. He likes to share interesting knowledge with the readers of technonymous. Arslan is also the founder of a freelancing marketplace GigLegend.

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