A blend of physical and virtual world: MMA Animals

A new kind of gaming experience is about the launch. Called MMA Animals and created by Appiphany Technologies, the new brand aims to blend the physical and virtual world.

It’s the world’s first kids brand based on the sports of mixed martial arts. During the recent years mixed martial arts brands have exploded in popularity and Appiphany Technologies, led by Jesse Keller, decided to use that knowledge and mix it with all kinds of new technologies in mobile device gaming. The result is the MMA Animals, an eight part interactive story series. Each of those stories will be a mix of gaming video and an ebook. Initially it will be available for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod, but later on it will also be redeveloped for World Wide Web.

If you use the narrated ebook and smart toys together with the mobile app, they will come to life. You are the author of the story, you are the one who directs the story in the direction you want to by playing the games, achieving different goals and answering questions.

MMA Animals is set to launch in Q3 of 2013. Want to learn more about it before it actually launches? Be sure to visit http://appiphanytech.com to get to know the characters, fighting styles and everything else you might be interested in.

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