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Tips to Make Your First Open source CMS Website

                                                          [photo: e-xplorations] This is an article that informs first time CMS users how to download ...

How To Easily Root Samsung Galaxy S III i9300

Android is famous for is customizability and it could be maximized by rooting your Android device. Rooting a device might seem like a difficult task, and only for techies but here’s ...

How to Play Android Games on Windows

If you’re wondering and unsure of ‘How to Play Android Games on Windows’, then this aricle is for you! Android is getting famous day by day. Apart from many other ...
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Remove an object from a picture using the “patch tool” and “content-aware fill” in Adobe photoshop.

  You must have some pictures which are ruined due to an unwanted object. Even if you’re new to photo editing you can do it very professionally, here’s how you can remove those ...