How to generate buzz in social media niche through Youtube Marketing


So, why use video to market your business, when conventional wisdom would perhaps suggest that having an effective website is the way to go to really promote your business online? I’m certainly not suggesting that video would be an alternative to having a really good website. A website can really give your customers a lot more in depth information; so, if they want to research your company, then clearly, that is the way they are going to find that information. However, video has some specific an particular advantages over a conventional website, in some ways.

youtube logo How to generate buzz in social media niche through Youtube Marketing

One of the main benefits, as far as video is concerned, is there is much less competition. And that is especially true that now, Google is beginning to return results – even in a normal search, they are beginning actual video results on that page. Now, for your website, there are probably going to be a hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions of competitors. So, your website would have to be highly optimized for that particular keyword search. With video, there is much less competition. So, that means that it is much more cost-effective to get your video on that page.

And another benefit to video is that Google shows a small thumbnail image of the video, so that it looks more attractive to potential customers, and they may click through into the video to get some quick background information.

A company that saw great potential for YouTube is The Home Depot. They have put together “how to” videos that are greatly accepted by users, and very relevant to their brand. The videos that they posted clearly establishes them as a brand, and trusted experts in their niche. The videos also help in promoting their inventory, by clear demonstration on how to use their products and tools. And, Home Depot’s YouTube campaign has managed to humanize a faceless corporation, by providing user with online interaction, and establishing Home Depots online presence.

So, video enhances your existing online presence, but it is definitely a way that you can very quickly and effectively rank on the top page result for Google and the other search engines, for that matter, and it can be an extremely affordable way to market your company very effectively.

So, how do you get your company’s video to rank highly on the YouTube and the Google search results? Well. it turns out that it is very similar to the way that you would with a website. There is one aspect that is slightly different – you would want to engage the social aspect of the video to your advantage. So, you would ask your viewers to click on that “like” button, or request that they add comments to the video, or that they subscribe to your YouTube Channel. All of that will indicate to YouTube that there is already a certain amount of interest in the material. And then, the next step would doing optimization for on-page, that would include simply selecting a relevant title for the video. Then, in the description field, you can text that are obviously very keyword related to the subject matter. And then, add tags that are relevant to the video, as well. Now, for off-page optimization, you would simply try to get backlinks from as many different types of websites as possible – that might include social bookmarking networks, you might try to get links from RSS feeds, get syndication from the article directories, or use those articles, also in the blog networks. Another powerful way to get authority backlinks is by using web 2.0 websites, like creating Squidoo lenses, or by making Hubpages. And the advantage to those is that you can actually embed the video itself on those pages. In the same way, you might also utilize a social networks – so, you can embed the video in your Facebook page, as well.

So, you’ll find the effect of all these optimization is that your video will be promoted very well. Marketing to your potential customers becomes cost-effective, and you are able to give information about your company in a simplified and user-appealing way.

In conclusion, Youtube is a great platform to start any social media marketing. Video creates a lot of versatility in ones marketing campaign, and its cost-effectiveness makes it a great medium to experiment with new ideas. It also grants you the opportunity to reach out to your target market in a more simplified manner.

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