How to Play Android Games on Windows

If you’re wondering and unsure of ‘How to Play Android Games on Windows’, then this aricle is for you!

Android is getting famous day by day. Apart from many other attractive features of Android, apps on google play store are very entertaining and worthwhile. Some people might want to try out the apps and games before buying an Android device or some might want to check the apps before installing them in their device or some people might want to save their phone batteries from draining as apps and games uses alot of the battery charging . Playing android games on PC would also be alot more fun because you get to have a bigger screen and no tension of battery getting drained. Bluestacks and Youwave are two applications/emulators which make this wonder happen.

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1. BLUESTACKS: This software can be used to play games on windows PC and tablets aswell. Some apps come as default with Bluestacks while many other apps could be installed using your Android device by syncronizing it to your PC with Bluestacks Cloud Connect. Bluestacks Cloud Connect should be installed on the device to make it sync with the PC.

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Download - bluestacks [alpha version]

2.YouWave: It is similar to bluestacks and provides default games like sudoku. YouWave works on windows xp/vista/7. It has features like online multiplayer gaming, dynamic rotation and has the capability to save games. It is not free but users can avail a 7 day free fully-functional trial.

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Download - YouWave

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