Samsung’s Turn to Sue Apple

These days there’s a war going on between the world’s wealthiest company; Apple inc., and the Korean technology giant; Samsung. Apple recently won a lawsuit against Samsung  on patents dispute and Samsung now owes $1.05 billion to Apple. The decision of this lawsuit has agitated Samsung and its supporters, and now this war has become more fierce.

Samsung is expected to file an appeal against the court’s ruling and Samsung is allegedly having talks with big US carriers like Verizon Wireless to change the existing smartphone designs.

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According to a Samsung official:

“Samsung has been in talks with major  U.S. carriers to jointly develop modified design technology. This will be effective, though we can’t unveil more details for the time being.”

Samsung is also preparing for a massive couter attack, according to  The Korea Times reports that Samsung plans to sue Apple immediately after the release of the iPhone 5, if it contains LTE technology as Samsung owns a large share of LTE patents.

“According to data from Thomson-Reuters, Nokia ranked top with 18.9 percent in terms of the number of LTE patents, followed by Qualcomm with 12.5 percent, Samsung Electronics with 12.2 percent and Ericsson with 11.6 percent.”

There are high chances that iPhone 5 would have LTE technology as these days it is an essential feature for a smartphone.

“Samsung confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology. LTE has been emerging as the top standard in the global mobile industry”.

 “Samsung was defeated in California, however, the fight isn’t over yet. The company briefly suffered from a 7.5 percent plunge in its stocks after the verdict, but the company has the capability to recover from a one-off injury. What really matters is the leadership of Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee is being put on the test as Samsung is in crisis, at least for the time being,” said Kim Sang-jo, a professor of economics at Hansung University.

Samsung is said to have been making it’s relationship with Microsoft better in order to reduce its dependency on android platform, so lets see what’s coming up next in the series of these lawsuits.

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