The Only Social Media Plugins You Need for Your WordPress Site

So there you are, pouring your heart out in a blog writing the best thing that man has yet to read. You give insights, witty one liners, and amazing advice. Tens to hundreds of people like your blog. But, whoops! They are unable to share it. Tsk tsk. What use is a popular blog if people have to copy paste the link to their FB, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking sites? Don’t you want to be more techno savvy than that?

social media icons The Only Social Media Plugins You Need for Your Wordpress Site

In this day and age when information is shared with just one click, it is crucial to have social media plugins for your blogs such as your WordPress site. You can’t consider your WordPress blog site as a serious blog if you don’t have social media plugins. These social media plugins give your WordPress site the much needed accessibility and credibility that any serious blogger desires. But with the many plugins that are out there, which one do you really need?

Before you start adding all the plugins available, you need to first identify which social networking sites do you want to be visible in. Also, you need to be a member of those sites. Why? How then will you interact and monitor your followers and sharers if you’re not a member of that social networking site? So join these sites you want to be visible in. You’ll be able to market your WordPress site more easily.

So what Social Media Plugin do you really need for your WordPress Site? We have some three basic ones for you to consider.

1. Follow plugin – The Follow plugin is crucial in making your WordPress site all the more visible. You want an audience. And you want that audience to be big. It’s such a waste if you have such a wonderful blog, but nobody ever gets to read it. If you wanted to just write down your thoughts and control your audience, then you should have written a journal instead of a blog. Follow plugins are fairly easily availed of. There are free ones, but if you’re looking for a specific aesthetic, you can download them for a few dollars.

2. Async Social Sharing – The share plugin is also a very essential social media plugin for your WordPress site. Now that you have actual followers, be kind to them. Don’t be a caveman and force them to do ctrl +C and ctrl V just so they can show their friends the insights they got from your blog. Make it convenient for your followers to cite a particular passage they enjoyed. And by doing so, you might get a few more followers which will mean more visibility, which is what you’re ultimately after.

3. Disqus Comment plugin – Now that your followers can share your blog on WordPress, you can go the next step and engage your audience by installing a Disqus comment system. This will allow your readers to login and comment using social networking sites. They don’t need to login into WordPress just to do that.

With all the plugins that are out there, you need to be purposeful and pick the ones that suit you the best. These plugins are meant to give you the visibility and marketability you want. Use it to your best advantage.


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