Technology, behavioural science and analytics

If you can combine all of these, the combination can be extremely powerful. How to apply them to your organization exactly, information about that can be learned through IBM Connect 2014 that will be taking place from January 26-30 in Orlando, Florida.

Energizing Life’s Work – that’s the theme of the conference and it stems from the simple thought that everything you do in life should energize you, and give you purpose each day. Connect 2014 is there to give you tools and insights on how to get the most out of your life’s work.

Among the numerous featured speakers are Larry Bowden, Jonathan Ferrar, Andrew Grill, Sandy Carter, Ethan McCarty from IBM; Mark Fidelman from Forbes; Beverly Macy from Huffington Post and of course Scott Adams, the creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip, who will be sharing his inspiring story of how he is energizing his life’s work and how he has used his numerous failures to help him succeed today.

IBM Connect 2014 will be offering hundreds of technology as well as business sessions with round tables, client success stories, best practices and much more. For a full overview of what you can expect, see the interactive media player below.

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